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Positive Numerical vibrations may propel you forward quickly when combined with the solid foundation provided by Vastu-compliant architecture. Consultation with a Numero Vastu expert is essential for realizing your full potential in any given time frame. To bring wealth and prosperity into your life, it combines the ancient Hebrew science of numbers with the Indian art of Vastu Shastra.

When your house vastu, office vastu, or workplace vastu isn't optimal, undesirable exterior influences (Prabhav) might settle in. Even during the most favorable Periods (Dashas), as recommended by your horoscope, these unbalanced Vastu energies prevent your intrinsic strengths (Swabhav), your natural skills and talents, from producing your finest performance and letting you realize your goals.


The five elements of nature—earth, water, wind, fire, and sky—are considered during a Vastu Consultation. Vastu Shastra is based on advanced astrological knowledge. And a solid understanding of Shastra. You should consult a Vastu expert before constructing a new structure, installing a statue, furnishing a room, opening a business, etc. Accurate advice on all matters of Vastu may be obtained from Astrologer Acharya Komal Goyal.

Choose The Finest Vastu Shastra Consultant

Aha! Is it a shock to you? You should be, since you'd be mistaken if you assumed that just orienting your bed to the east or your money box to the north would bring you financial success.

  • Vastu guidelines are NOT universal; instead, they are tailored to each person based on their natal chart.

  • Whether an adult or a toddler, the charts of everyone who spends time in space are essential to its Vastu.

  • Vastu is founded on the rules of nature, logic, common sense, and the science of building, and it encompasses more than just the arrangement of items in the four directions (North, South, East, West) or the Fire, Air, Water, Earth elements.

  • While many would have you believe otherwise, there are no cookie-cutter approaches to Vastu.

  • Vastu remedies are handpicked to complement YOUR energy and horoscope, just as your birth chart is one-of-a-kind.

Your Home's Energy Might Be Affected By Vastu

It's common knowledge that water, fire, air, and space are the five elements from which everything in the universe—including humans—is constructed. Pancha Mahabhutas is the term for these five elements. Aligning these five components inside the body with the other five elements in our home is the goal of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science. Observing these Vastu guidelines will cause the energies in your home to resonate with those of the cosmos.

Although it's ideal in theory to follow these guidelines while building, the apartment-style layout of most modern housing makes it next to impossible in practice. To succeed, you must get the same outcome while making modest adjustments that do not need significant alterations. This proposes reasonable and easy fixes, such as repainting a wall or reassembling specific furniture or other household items.

  • Possibility of developing one's character

    A person's inner self and outward character may benefit from the sound VastuShastra.

  • Improve your social interactions

    Vastu is a practice that may help the people living in a building get along better with one another and create a peaceful environment overall.

  • Use this as spiritual guidance:

    Vastu Shastra has the potential to boost not only intellectual but also spiritual development.

  • Increased serenity and proficiency:

    By invoking the five elements and offering a clean, clutter-free living place, Vastu may also improve your cognitive abilities. A clutter-free, light-filled home reflects a wise and open mind.