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Avail Full Family Consultation With Us

A person's family is the backbone upon which their happiness and contentment rest. At times of trouble, our first thought is usually of our loved ones. After a long day of work and stress, coming home to one's family might seem like entering paradise. When a person has the backing of his loved ones, he can do great things. One's most valuable possession is his family, which he values beyond anything else.

  •   But what if the family has no harmony because they constantly bicker about nothing?
  •   What if the prospect of returning home causes you anxiety?
  •   What if it's impossible to imagine ever getting everyone in the family to agree on anything?

If you end up in such a family, you may forget about ever being happy again. There are duties that each family member must do for the benefit of the whole. And when they seem to be retreating from their duties, problems start to crop up.

All members can take consultation, so their personalities and emotional requirements can be understood well. Planetary positions in a person's birth chart are analyzed in Vedic astrology to conclude that person's personality.

Knowing a person's personality type facilitates better communication and mutual understanding. Top astrologer Acharya Komal Goyal provides excellent advice during family consultations. She has made a name for herself in the astrological community and is respected for her work.


Family Astrology: How To Get Started?

A family's annual fortune can be predicted, and problems can be resolved with the help of an astrological study. As well as foreseeing potential issues in areas like health, wealth, career, education, money, business, work, international travel, love and marriage, relationships, hurdles, investments, home constructions, property, etc., it also offers astrological solutions-remedies.

Reasons Why a Birth Chart Is Necessary

✅ A native's kundli provides insight into their future. In addition, it reveals the native's characteristics.

✅ We all strive to find strategies to deal with the inherent unpredictability of life. The first step in that direction is the Janam Kundli.

✅ The Hindu birth chart, known as the Janam Kundli, is considered to be pivotal in the wedding process. To determine whether two people are compatible with one another, their Kundlis are compared.

✅ Career, money, relationships, and health are just a few of the areas that the Kundli sheds light on.

✅ A Janam Kundli may also be used for a more in-depth examination, such as determining whether or not the native has a favorable horoscope for a certain career path.

✅ It is possible to use a person's Janam Kundli to foresee not only the regions or periods when the native would suffer failures or challenges, but also the areas or times when the individual is likely to succeed.

How may Acharya Komal resolve family issues?

Astrology is a finger pointing to reality. We've all heard about the importance of this subject at some time in our lives. When problems inside the family are recognized, they can be solved too.

✅ The success of the parent-child relationship may be predicted by looking at the auspiciousness of the planetary positions in the horoscopes of both the parent and the kid.

✅ Acharya Komal takes close look at the constellations and planets in each member of the family's planetary alignments.

✅ In addition to the birth chart, other important partition charts are also investigated thoroughly.

✅ Family strife is blamed on a wide variety of astrological doshas.

✅ There are terrible doshas that may disrupt the harmony of a household.

✅ The future of family connections, as well as the reasons for and solutions to any problems, can be forecasted by an astrologer.

✅ When handling domestic issues, it is helpful to have both, deep knowledge and a strong set of innate intuition talents.

✅ The remedies for each member of the family are different.

What makes an online consultation with Acharya Komal's astrological service unique?


Regarding astrology and Vastu, Acharya Komal has been at the forefront for over 10 years. And Acharya Komal isn't only India's top astrologer. In addition, anybody may take advantage of her many reports on education, families, jobs, money, and marriage.


Special services


Planet Shanti Puja

Pooja should be performed for the planet in question if harmonious interactions within the family are being hampered by it.



You may maintain a tranquil environment with any of the Yantras. All members of the household will benefit from this since it acts as a protective barrier against harmful energy.


Pooja of Universal Peace (Grah Shanti)

Grah Shanti Pooja, which seeks to appease the planets that are generating the disagreement, and which is said to calm your environment with the pure smell of havan, is highly advised if there are problems in the family. Havan, according to the Vedas, would bring good fortune to your home.