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Vastu home tips to attract love

Without love, our life is incomplete. Love is a special kind of feeling which can't be described in a few words. Loving someone and getting the same love in return is the desire of every human being. Attracting your partner is not that easy for us every time. Facing trouble in love is quite a common thing. To solve such issues, you can take the help of Vastu Shastra. Vastu tips can play a vital role when it comes to finding true love.

Below some useful Vastu tips are mentioned, which can brighten up your love life -


Consider attractive room decor -

According to Vastu experts, for strong relationships, avoid single decor items. You can consider a pair of swans or a pair of any bird which symbolizes love. You can also hang photos of you and your beloved.


Choose the correct colour -

Red is the colour of love, so try to incorporate red colour in your life. You wear red clothes or even switch to a red phone case to attract your partner. If you are not a big fan of red colour, then you may choose white, peach, or pink.

Try to select light shades for your walls. Never choose blue paint for your south-facing walls because the blue colour hampers the flow of love.


The positive energy of flowers -

Always keep fresh and mild fragranced flowers in the room to attract your love. As we all know, roses symbolise love, so you need to keep red roses in your room. Apart from roses, you can also keep flowers like hibiscus and lilies. These kinds of flowers are synonymous with love.


Furniture shape and materials -

A metal bed can bring negative vibes inside any beautiful place, so we need to avoid its usage. For wardrobe, iron and wood are compatible materials. Always select a single-door cabinet with a square form when choosing a cabinet.


Sleeping position -

At bedtime, you have to make sure that your head must be pointed towards the south corner. It can help you to get a blissful personal life. You should also avoid any beam crossing your head because it can affect your relationship negatively.



With the help of a Vastu expert, you can expel the negative energy or even convert it into positive energy. Professional Vastu solutions or remedies can help to attract love into your life.

Acharya Komal Goyal provides effective Vastu solutions to solve your Vastu for relationships. With the help of her Vastu remedies, you will get your lost love back in your life forever.