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Vastu Tips to Avoid Debts And Loans

In present days, taking out a loan has become a common matter. Most of the time, individuals can repay their loans, but sometimes in difficult situations, people are not able to repay them. If you are suffering from such conditions, then you must obey some useful Vastu remedies. With the help of Vastu Solutions, you can easily solve your problems as it offers simple as well as effective remedies. 

Some useful Vastu tips are mentioned below to avoid debts & loans -


Keep Things In The Right Direction-

The South West zone of the bedroom is considered lucky, so try to keep all the money, jewelry, and valuable items in this direction. It may help to enhance your income.


Payback Your Loan On A Tuesday -

According to Vastu experts, always try to pay your installments on a Tuesday because this process can help you clear your debt quickly.


Apply Effective Totkas -

There are several totkas you can try to get rid of debts quickly. The most popular totka is feeding any animals or birds. If you feed them regularly, it will benefit you a lot.

Apart from this, don't keep birds in a cage at home. It can cause debts. If you cage any bird, then let it free, which surprisingly helps you to get rid of financial issues. 


Take The Blessing Of Goddess Lakshmi -

Never keep any dustbin at your house's entrance or eat food on your bed. According to Vastu Shastra, doing such activities makes Goddess Lakshmi angry. This results in huge financial loss. Always try to keep your home clean and take the blessings of goddess Lakshmi. To please Devi Lakshmi, you can also give kheer bhog to her.


Try To Consult An Astrologer Before Taking Any Loan -

As per Vastu Shastra, different yogas will not let your money come back if you invest it or take out a loan at the wrong time. That is the reason why you always require to consult an astrologer before taking any loan. He or she can understand the position of debts in your Kundli and guide you.



If you have a financial burden and want to come out of it, you may go with Vastu remedies. When it comes to financial issues, an experienced Vastu astrologer can offer very useful and effective remedies to overcome problems.

Acharya Komal Goyal can help you to clear your debts very quickly. By carefully checking your horoscope, she can advise removing all the financial hardship in your business or work.