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This session is to talk your heart out in front of an Astrologer-cum-Life coach.

It is the time to understand how we work, and you get to understand how we can help you with your concerns. It is a 40 mins session directly with Acharya Komal, to discuss your problems, your objectives towards life, and anything else that you wish to share with us.

In this session, you will get to understand your capabilities that you were born with. Alongside, you get to know the reasons behind your problems.

Why we call it “complete consultation”? Because it is not a bounded session where one is supposed to get only specific number of questions answered, whereas we one may ask any number of questions and also Birth chart analysis, numerological analysis and everything is covered. Her fields of expertise are Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, and Palmistry

NO assistant will pick your call, whenever you call Acharya Komal, it is her only who picks up your call and so the privacy is Guaranteed.

When physical visits are not possible, online consultations can bring an effective solution to solve your astrology-oriented issues. A face-to-face session with your Astrologer is conducted in a virtual meet from the comfort of your home. So, where ever you are sitting in this world, you may get connected to us without any limitation.

Choose Wise , Choose Best


Frequently Asked Questions

The fees of consultation is very nominal and you can check that in our services page.